When internal or external forces challenge how you run your business, having a strategic plan is crucial to addressing these impacts.

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The only constant for business leaders today is change. Approximately 80% of Fortune 500 companies undergo transformations every three to five years — and the mandate to transform has only been accelerated by recent events such as COVID-19, economic uncertainty, geopolitical tensions, and supply chain disruptions.

This environment forces business leaders to think dynamically about their operating model, evaluate their organization’s ability to deliver against their strategy, and consider how to drive productive ways of working.

Acquis empowers you to transform your organization for the future with a tailored and comprehensive approach. We partner with you to design operating model strategies, align strategies to your operations for execution, and realize human-centered transformation to drive change.


We apply a tailored approach to turn the unique characteristics of your organization into a differentiated competitive advantage.

We empower leaders to make informed decisions on critical trade-offs by sharing knowledge from diversified experiences, cross-industry benchmarking, and the latest market intelligence.


We put people first through design thinking methodologies and a co-creation methodology that positions your organization to be fit for its unique purpose.


Our Think + Do mindset translates strategy and design into implementation and real change.

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