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Enabling Sustained Value with Salesforce

We believe the way work will be conducted moving forward has been fundamentally altered. Remote, flexible delivery has become the new gold standard for Salesforce services.

Taking a holistic view of an organization, Acquis strives to help our clients understand their Salesforce needs and drivers, and develop strategies that allow them to improve employee and customer experiences.  Acquis has built its Salesforce practice from the ground-up with a flexible delivery model in mind.   Our Salesforce offices are based in the Czech Republic and New York City.  This means we can offer expanded time-zone coverage and more elastic services while ensuring the standard of quality that Acquis has built its reputation on.  We can find the right balance between on-site and remote services catered specifically for your needs.

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Strategic Discovery - Introducing Salesforce to an organization, or innovating on an instance which has a long history, is a strategic endeavor. We believe it is necessary to have a point of view of the organization beyond the immediate technical implementation in order to be successful. Acquis draws upon its rich history of strategic management consulting, and partners with companies to bridge the gap between current and future goals by guiding companies through a holistic discovery process. The resulting organizational inputs are juxtaposed against Salesforce feasibility and best practices, resulting in a curated long-term roadmap unique to your organization, which provides a foundation for future success.

Launch Services


New Implementations - Companies who are standing up Salesforce for the first time can feel safe with our holistic approach. Infused with elements of design thinking, our agile delivery model injects both strategic and tactical components, and allows progress to be viewed in real time.

Multi-Cloud Implementations - It is important that companies who are expanding from one cloud to another work with a trusted partner for these strategic projects. Multi-Cloud projects introduce multiple layers of complexity. In order to be successful, it is necessary to pay close attention to specific technical details while at the same time blending business processes across potentially siloed departments.

3rd Party Application Deployment - We have specialized experience and relationships with a variety of 3rd party AppExchange products that can satisfy any niche need on a particular Salesforce-based domain.

Evolve Services


Platform Innovation - Salesforce must be a platform which evolves alongside your business. We partner with Salesforce administrators and teams, once their companies have already launched Salesforce, to ensure the platform is constantly delivering business value. Our flexible programs allow you to draw from best in breed ideas and execution, based on your current needs.

Andrew Gross

Vice President

Andrew is a Vice President at Acquis responsible for the company’s Salesforce practice which blends expertise in strategic design, implementation, and ongoing innovation capabilities. Over the past 13 years, Andrew has become one of the most respected voices in the Salesforce ecosystem. He has been awarded the Salesforce MVP designation 5 years in a row, and is now a member of the Salesforce MVP Hall of Fame. Andrew started as an administrator of the platform, and for the last decade has focused on cross-industry consulting , primarily in the customer service and sales domains, for some of the world’s most established companies.

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