Accelerate technology adoption and simplify the end user experience

What if you could significantly increase system adoption and reduce queries to your Helpdesk without adding effort or process for the end-user? Your employees can learn how to use your company’s systems and technologies while inside the applications, and without all the traditional classroom training, tutorials and job aid documentation. Imagine a scenario where new employees have all the answers at their fingertips, from within the software itself. This is the value of Digital Adoption.

WalkMe is a Digital Adoption Platform that provides in-application guidance that is tailored specifically for your company’s unique policies, processes, and system configurations.  While in the application, WalkMe will prompt and guide your employees through embedded system workflows and how-to’ experiences that correspond directly to the system tasks at hand.


WalkMe is system agnostic, and can therefore sit within any application. As a WalkMe implementation partner, Acquis works directly with our customers to implement the WalkMe solution across an organization’s applications.  


WalkMe Use Cases

Digital Transformation

Improve software ROI and drive business outcomes

Change Management

Guide users effortlessly through business workflows

Onboarding & Training

Help employees maximize software and reach their goals faster


Provide immediate access to self-service, contextual support

Data Integrity

Drive operational efficiencies and mitigate risk

Employee Productivity

Uncover and eliminate user friction points to drive efficiency

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Michael Lamparella


Mike has been leading global technology implementation projects for over 20 years, and has worked with clients of all sizes across various industries and geographies. As Acquis’s WalkMe implementation leader, Mike finds creative ways to apply WalkMe solutions to address business digital adoption challenges. Please get in touch with Mike to learn more about Acquis WalkMe services.

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