Transforming the way corporations approach travel and reimagining the way travel suppliers drive customer experience.

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Practice Areas

Corporate Travel

Transforming the way corporations approach travel and reimagining the way travel suppliers drive customer experience.

What We Do

Acquis is a recognized thought and practice leader in the travel industry helping global organizations and travel suppliers advance their business – whether related to customer experience, systems, processes, or policies.


Winning travel companies provide the best customer experience. Acquis understands your business from decades of experience in travel and technology and our own journey of building and scaling adjacent businesses.

In our 25 years, we have worked with start-ups in their incubation and pre-revenue phases through to Fortune 500 companies for strategic travel and customer experience advisory.


we create qualitative and quantitative data sets by listening to customers, learning about their preferences and understanding their motivations, and leveraging leading digital technologies and travel best practices to create actionable and customized insights


we create step by step action plans that are prioritized based on what is complementary to the broader travel ecosystem along with what will drive the biggest impact to increase customer engagement and drive ROI positive initiatives


we put our plans to work to grow your market share in both leisure and corporate segments, drive profitability from increased brand loyalty and repeat travelers, and measurably improve traveler satisfaction scores

What We Do

  • Define target customers
  • Enable leading digital & experience philosophies
  • Increase revenue and market share
  • Develop product and journey maps
  • Maximize traveler experience

How We Do It

While we start with your data, there isn’t an end point for the ideal customer experience; it is constantly evolving and improving


The foundation of any successful corporate travel program is the infrastructure that enables its operations, from booking tools through to policy and payment.

Acquis combines our deep expertise in corporate travel program transformation with our knowledge of and experience in procurement and sourcing to deliver a highly strategic and effective travel tech stack that enables success not just for the travel program, but for all of the organizational systems it touches.

We specialize in sourcing the core components of a travel program:

  • Travel Management Companies
  • Online Booking Tools
  • Expense Management Solutions
  • Card Programs

Acquis provides project management and change management support across these areas

Project Management: 
  • Project Strategy / Approach Development
  • Business Case Creation
  • Project Timeline and Sequencing
  • Dependencies and Impacts Identification
  • Resourcing and Project Team Design
Change Management: 
  • Change Management Strategy
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Communication Strategy, Planning, and Execution
  • Dependencies and Impacts Identification
  • Resourcing and Project Team Design

Why Choose Acquis?

Digital + Travel

Creating solutions at the cross section of customer experience and travel for decades

People First

Connecting human value drivers to hard economic outcomes without compromising company values

Consulting Finesse

Building forward thinking, transformative, and actionable solutions from decades of consulting experience

Hansini Sharma

Practice Lead, Corporate Travel

Hansini Sharma leads the Travel Practice at Acquis Consulting Group and is a strategic thinker who views travel with the same mindset as other core operating functions by leveraging her business acumen across operations, procurement, and finance. Through a combination of 15 years of consulting and industry experience, Hansini has served numerous clients with their T&E needs. Her client engagements include acting as the program manager for large-scale travel program creation and implementations, leading strategic sourcing initiatives, advising on customer experience transformation, and providing IPO readiness support. She also serves as a mentor to several rising colleagues through the Acquis mentorship program and supports various internal initiatives at Acquis, such as driving fundraising efforts for and volunteering with the American Cancer Society.

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