Case Study

Driving Change to Transform the Customer Buying Experience

Client Profile


A pharmaceutical distributor was preparing to launch a new program to improve the customer buying experience but was running into roadblocks as they tried to roll out the program across siloed business units. The program leaders partnered with Acquis to create a tailored change strategy to shift ways of working and drive program adoption.


A pharmaceutical distributor was preparing to launch a new program to improve the customer buying experience. However, the team leading the charge was running into several roadblocks, starting with silos and inconsistent ways of working across the various business units involved in the program. Additionally, the program’s value proposition was unclear for key internal and external stakeholders, and a lack of program awareness among the sales organization was impeding the sale of the program’s solutions to customers. The company partnered with Acquis to develop a new change strategy to help launch the program.

Collaborative Approach

To drive change, Acquis took a human-centered approach that aimed to shift stakeholders’ ways of working.  We began by conducting detailed document reviews, interviews, collaborative workshops, and surveys to develop a deep understanding of stakeholder needs. Armed with this knowledge, we were able to develop a tailored change approach to gain buy-in across the enterprise.

We also identified a need for messaging to be more intentional. Our team developed new guidelines for internal and external program correspondence aimed at communicating the right information through the right method at the right time. Rather than relying only on emails and town halls to drive change, we leveraged new engagement channels including videos, infographics, and persona journey maps. 


The change strategy enabled the business to successfully roll out its customer buying experience program, generating more than $135 million in customer savings and $15 million in profit to date. Moreover, the program has set the standard for successful change transformations within the company. We continue to support the program as a change partner.

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