Case Study

Enabling Growth Through Operating Model Transformation

Client Profile

Life Sciences Data Science and Technology Company

Strung together from multiple acquisitions, a data science and technology company had a complex organizational structure that was hindering growth. Executives turned to Acquis to design a new operating model that would position the business to realize priority opportunities and pursue sustainable growth.


A life sciences data science and technology company came to Acquis with a challenge: strung together from multiple acquisitions, the company had a complex and disjointed organizational structure. Executives knew they lacked a unifying strategy and culture, and inefficient communications processes were hampering productivity. With a new CEO in place, it was time to develop a new operating model, and they turned to Acquis to lead the charge.

Collaborative Approach

Acquis worked closely with the leadership team to assess the current state of operations and gather the insights needed to design the future operating model. We then developed an enhanced operating model framework that would enable the business to thoughtfully evaluate capability placement decisions, information flow, and decision rights. We also created a high-level transformation roadmap to guide change management and ensure a smooth transition to the new operating model design.


The new operating model and organizational structure have allowed the company to address unrealized opportunities, unlock value creation, and promote sustainable growth.

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