Acquis Cortico-X is an experience-led transformation business that partners with clients and technology companies to accelerate the digital change.

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Who We Are

As experience activists, we incubate and commercialize new products while enabling new experiences to both customers and employees through strategic advisory services.

We are experience activists passionate about elevating everyday human experiences through the belief that what’s best for people is what’s best for an organization

We create extraordinary experiences through a unique blend of science and imagination to deliver a range of transformational solutions

We form creative partnerships with clients to incubate and commercialize new products, in addition to strategic advisory services

We have a diverse talent base of individuals from all disciplines and backgrounds building a culture of inclusion.

We bring in an experience lens to define and drive organizational transformations, accelerating the digital change.

How We Help

Acquis Cortico-X creates extraordinary experiences through a unique blend of science and imagination.

Experience Management

Build a sustainable experience management practice

Data & Analytics

Unleash new possibilities with the power of data and analytics

Growth Strategy

Unlock growth and earn a sustainable competitive advantage through winning experience strategies

Service Design & Innovation

Innovate how customers and employees experience your business

Transformation & Change

Enable customer-centric cultures, operating models and change

Tools & Solutions for Digital Innovation

Accelerate digital innovation through cutting-edge tools and solutions

Meet Sujay Saha

President, Acquis Cortico-X

Sujay is the leader of Acquis Cortico-X, an Experience Strategy & Transformation business. He brings more than 20 years of management consulting experience focused on driving experience-centered transformations across industries, particularly Healthcare and Financial Services. Sujay has partnered with companies at different stages in their digital maturity lifecycle to turn the increasing customer focus and digital change into profitable growth.

Sujay is the co-creator of Return On Experience (RoX) concept that unlocks a customer-centered transformation by linking and managing experiences across leaders, employees and customers, creating a virtuous loop. He has published extensively in this arena and has built products to accelerate digital transformations and improve customer and employee experiences. Prior to joining Acquis, Sujay was a Partner at PwC, leading the Customer and Digital Strategy practice area.

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