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Health and Workplace Equity

Confronting disparities in our workplaces and communities requires comprehensive, focused, and ongoing work. Our team of experts and advocates is ready to help your organization lead the change. 

About the service

We believe a more equitable and just world is both essential and achievable. While the barriers and challenges are complex and exist across a range of social dimensions, companies, health and community based organizations, and strategic partners are in a unique position to drive progress and transformation.


Our team of experts partners with small, medium, and large organizations across economic sectors to design, launch, and scale diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) programs

Acquis brings together top talent who are passionate about diversity and empowering decisions makers toward measurable and sustained change. We help organizations embed DEIB into their workplace culture by strengthening diverse talent pipelines and pathways, preparing for changing workplace dynamics, and promoting healthy competition in the supply base.

Launch a Corporate DEIB Program

  • Vision Statement and Key Objective Identification
  • Building the Case for Change and Making DEIB a Strategic Priority
  • Unifying Siloed Efforts into an Enterprise DEIB Strategy
  • Identification and Assessment of Industry Partnerships

Cultivate a
Diverse Team

  • Diverse Talent and Advisory Recruitment
  • Employee Empowerment, Promotion, and Retention
  • Workforce Development Strategy
  • Tactical and Training Support for Affinity and Employee Resource Groups (ERG)

Increase Supplier Diversity

  • Supplier Diversity Program Design
  • Supplier Identification based on Business-Specific Needs
  • Sourcing, Onboarding, and Training
  • Vendor Relationship Management

Communicate with Impact

  • Proactive Anticipation and Planning for the Real-World Response to Corporate Actions
  • Transparent and Conscientious Communications Design
  • Ensuring Diverse and Intersectional Representation in Corporate Messaging

Maximize the Value of Diversity Data

  • Current State Performance Diagnostic
  • Internal Diversity Data Strategy
  • Data-Informed Industry Thought Leadership
  • Market Segmentation and Growth Strategy

Acquis’ culture is shaped by celebrating the richness of our differences, empowering each team member to thrive and providing an environment where everyone is valued and has a sense of belonging.  Our Health and Workplace Equity practice is an extension of who we are.  We believe our values coupled with passion, creativity and commitment to drive sustainable positive change for our clients are what make our work successful and meaningful.

Eshean Cho

Acquis Engagement Manager


Our team of experts partners with providers, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, and CROs to implement bespoke approaches to advance health equity for all.

We provide a comprehensive suite of consulting services to better address health disparities and social determinants of health (SDOHs) across both drug development and care delivery settings. We work together with our clients to ensure that all patients, regardless of their background, have access to compassionate, comprehensive, and equitable healthcare treatments and services.

Develop a Patient-Centered Approach

  • Vision Statement and Key Objective Identification
  • Organizational and Community Needs Gap Assessment
  • Flagship Program Design
  • Change Management Strategy

Build and Sustain
Patient Trust

  • Patient Experience Design and Journey Mapping
  • Patient Outreach & Communications Strategy
  • Patient-Reported Outcomes Best Practices
  • Implicit Bias Training Strategy Development

Adhere to Health Authority Guidance

  • CMS Framework for Health Equity Alignment
  • FDA and Global Regulatory Audit and Compliance
  • Real-World Best Practice Identification from Health Authority Guidance

Close Enrollment Gaps in Clinical Research

  • Race & Ethnicity Diversity Plan Development, Execution, and Measurement Per FDA Guidance
  • DEI in Clinical Trials Program Launch for Early Stage Companies
  • Inclusive Program and Study Design
  • Partnership with Clinical to Anticipate Drug Treatment Responses by Group

Leverage Data

  • Disparity-Driven Data Strategy Development
  • Data-Informed Industry Thought Leadership
  • Race, Ethnicity, and Language (REaL) and Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) Data Analysis
  • KPI and OKR Identification and Dashboard Development

Acquis’ commitment to social responsibility is woven into our culture. Our health equity practice enables us to help clients weave it into theirs too. Addressing inequity calls for a creative approach that leverages strategy and implementation while placing people at the heart of the solutions. Acquis is answering that call.

Vanessa White

Acquis Associate

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and Inclusion at Acquis

Part of ‘People First’ Means Embracing Our Differences

Meet Our Health Equity Team

Meghan Marx

Engagement Manager

Meghan’s personal and professional endeavors revolve around a passion for the health of our local communities and the planet as a whole. From plant-based cooking to strategizing innovative solutions for health and life sciences leaders, Meghan is determined to make a positive impact on the world around her.

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Vivian Lee

Managing Director

Vivian is an explorer at heart. She follows her curiosity to discover creative solutions, pioneer paths to sustained results, and guide her clients to an innovative future.An avid believer in partnership and collaboration, Vivian strives to design solutions through an end user’s lens– focusing on understanding individual pain points and/or processes and implementing tailored solutions.

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Vanessa White


Vanessa’s personal and professional journey is driven by the desire to bring better care to communities where it’s needed most. She is channeling her talents to drive equitable impacts to historically underrepresented communities through authentic strategies and techniques.

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