To ensure equitable healthcare outcomes across diverse populations, it is essential to involve patients from underrepresented communities in clinical research. In addition to reinforcing drug safety, expanding clinical trial diversity can help sponsors to stay on top of FDA and global health authority guidance, and to build patient trust in new treatment modalities. Additionally, as populations are growing increasingly diverse, public opinion demands greater accountability to address the needs of traditionally marginalized communities.

By implementing strategic approaches to clinical trial diversification, drug developers can demonstrate their firm commitment to social and health equity. This eBook provides a brief introduction to how we think about, develop, and implement smart clinical diversification strategies to help drive organizations of all sizes toward success.

  • Recognizing current barriers to diverse patient enrollment
  • Applying proven strategies to address the existing disparities
  • Understanding how clinical trial sponsors can help to lead the change

Learn more about how Acquis’ combined expertise in clinical trial strategy and end-to-end program management, as well as diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), can help to support the design, launch, and enduring sustainability of your clinical trial diversity program.

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