Strategic Alliances for Development & Commercialization

Entering into a strategic alliance presents an opportunity for multiple organizations to enhance drug development and commercialization by leveraging complementary strengths. Many therapeutic solutions face limitations in achieving their full potential—strategic alliances offer pathways to address these challenges. Whether your organization is an established industry leader or an emerging therapeutic specialist, the right partnership can expand the routes to scientific and market leadership.

This eBook provides an overview of the importance and value of these collaborations, examples of partnership in action, and solutions for a successful approach.

Highlights of our analysis and recommendations include:

  1. Products commercialized by alliance efforts represent a significant share of top market performers, accounting for nearly half of the global revenue of the top 20 best-selling drug products over the past five years.
  2. Organizations at many different stages of growth and levels of specialization can benefit from complementary strengths—if they develop the right partnership structure.  
  3. Across diverse markets and therapeutic areas, several best practices increase the likelihood of partnership success: upfront strategic alignment, trust-based communication, optimized governance structure, cross-functional agility, and joint advocacy, among others.

Learn more about how our broad functional and therapeutic knowledge, experience with multiple global markets, and understanding of pain points across the growth spectrum can support an effective alliance strategy. As you plan for partnered development and commercialization, explore the diverse options to optimize shared strategic and operational goals.

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