AcquisLink’s Coupa Accelerators

Explore our Coupa accelerators, driving real-time integration between Coupa’s best-in-class business spend management platform and common financial/accounting systems.

Accelerating value with real-time connectivity built by certified experts

Acquis developed AcquisLink to accelerate integrated value for our customers.  As a leading implementation partner for several SaaS providers, AcquisLink was built to seamlessly connect your critical business systems together.

Explore our Coupa Accelerators

Master data integrations include: Suppliers, SIM Suppliers, Chart of Accounts (Locations, Departments, Custom Segments, GL Accounts). Transactional integrations include: Virtual Card Charges, Invoices, Invoice Payments (both from Coupa Pay and your ERP), Expense Reports, Corporate Card Charges, Expense Payments (both from Coupa Pay and your ERP).

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Our Strategic Partnerships

We’ve partnered with leading SaaS providers to extend and further enable their technology platforms, all certified with the systems you know and trust.

Peter Marshalek

Peter Marshalek

Senior Technical Architect

  • AcquisLink Product Lead
  • Coupa, AWS, and Oracle Cloud Certified