Luke Hermiston

Engagement Manager

"The World cannot be understood without numbers. But the World cannot be understood with numbers alone."

Turning complex problems into understandable and addressable action is Luke’s passion. He believes any problem worth solving is best solved with the collective intelligence of the stakeholders most knowledgeable and invested in solving it. Luke brings this perspective to leading teams and engaging with clients in identifying, addressing, and ultimately solving their most pressing business challenges.

Luke has experience in strategy, operations, and technology consulting for clients both domestically and internationally in the government and private sector, primarily in large-scale transformations. His past experiences have allowed him the opportunity to work with global health system leaders to identify, analyze, and address the largest issues in care delivery, health management, and health system operations.

Luke’s work has seen him working as an intermediary between disparate departments, fields, and organizations to create unified solutions. Whether that be connecting clinical to IT, ambulance to hospital or back office to front, Luke finds a way to facilitate the development of the best solution possible by developing a shared sense of value and vision across departments, partnerships, and sectors. Representative efforts include designing and implementing emergency care service network pilots for national rollout in a Gulf Coast Country, standing up enterprise-wide Project and Portfolio Management Functions at a Fortune 500 retailer, and end-to-end Managed Care Organization transformation for a Medicaid payer.

Industry Experience

  • Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Technology
  • Government
  • Digital

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