Digital Transformation

“The analysis of our legacy organization performed by Acquis, will help me explain to the CEO and the rest of the leadership team, exactly what the gaps and challenges are that must be overcome to achieve enterprise digital maturity, and how to tackle them”
– Chief Digital Officer, Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturer and Distributor
Today’s consumers and commercial customers expect a convenient, intuitive, and targeted online experience. Is your organization up to the challenge?Acquis’s Digital Transformation practice helps clients ranging from early-stage startups to Fortune 500 companies to rethink their approach to commercial customers and consumers, and then transform their companies into digitally mature organizations that meet the needs of their markets. We help ensure that business practices are designed with the digital (mobile, non-hand-held device, e-commerce) and non-digital customer in mind.

Our team of experienced digital and customer-strategy professionals works with clients to deploy leading digital strategies, cutting-edge technologies, and innovative digital marketing solutions.

We help clients answer fundamental questions such as:

  • How are we positioned against traditional competitors to win on the “digital shelf?” What are the most innovative companies and non-traditional competitors doing differently?

  • We now have access to more data than ever before. How are we using it, and do we have the right tools and skills to produce meaningful, actionable insights?

  • Are we pushing product, or satisfying very targeted customer needs that may include complementary products and services?

  • Where are our blind spots and opportunities when it comes to disruptive technology and competition?

  • How can we use internet of things (IoT), virtual reality, and other technologies to improve internal operations and our customer experience?

Our digital transformation services include:

  • Customer-centric digital strategy and benchmarking

  • Digital transformation assessment, facilitation, and execution

  • Digital marketing strategy and effectiveness

  • Customer experience design

  • Customer journey mapping and archetyping

  • Omni-channel strategy and operations

  • Google and social media analytics

  • Digital opportunity identification

  • E-commerce channel design and fulfillment

  • IoT and new technology facilitation

Acquis’s Digital Transformation group can help you succeed in the digital marketplace.
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