Acquis can help you develop the right capabilities and apply emerging technologies to transform your customer experience and to achieve effective change.

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Leading organizations in nearly every industry recognize that traditional experiences no longer satisfy customers. The existing organizational capabilities, systems, processes, and underlying data models were not built to operate on the basis of customer experience.

Numerous digital technologies have sprung up to solve some of these challenges, but the balkanized landscape is complex to navigate and challenging to stitch together as a complete solution.

Acquis can help you with the challenges of large scale transformation efforts in this domain so that you can achieve your objectives with the right expertise and best practices. Our Customer Strategy and Digital Transformation team works with executives across a wide range of functions and industries to transform their customer experience, both internally and externally.

We can help you overcome common challenges we can help you with include: developing and analyzing customer journeys to define customer experience, building a new function or capability to effectively manage customer experience, and understanding how to use emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence to enhance the current experience.

Customer Experience (CX) Optimization

Identify and Understand the Customer

It begins with understanding who the customer really is, different customers have different needs and objectives so it’s important to understand how customers can be segmented.

Develop Customer Journey Map and Analysis

There are gaps in how organizations and customers view a customer journey. Each customer segmentation has a different journey driven by their needs and expectations. These journeys need to be mapped.

Analyze Customer Pain Points and Solutions

Analyzing the journeys, pain points, and areas for improvement enable a deeper discussion of how to better serve customers and enhance the overall CX for each customer segment.

Align, Implement, and Execute on Right Solutions

A final assessment of the solutions will help build a roadmap to enhance the overall CX across all segments. Some quick wins and long-term aspirations will drive continued CX over time.

Process Digitalization and Optimization

Assess Current State of Core Processes

Define the core business functions and building process maps by level across each area to understand the scope of ownership and pain points in the current state to align on the greatest business needs.

Design Future State & Identify Enabling Technologies

Prioritize use cases based on current needs to guide market assessment of emerging technologies. This can enable the desired state and select the right vendor partners across prioritized use cases to enable execution.

Build Implementation Roadmap & Guide Execution

Align on a holistic plan across use cases to implement solutions (often includes pilot scoping and launches) and support end to end program management needs with supporting change management tactics.

The strategic customer experience assessment, supporting workshops with the team, and delivery of this project exceeded all expectations of our department’s leadership team – thank you Acquis!

Managing Director

US Federal Agency

The analysis of our legacy functions performed by Acquis, has helped me understand exactly what the gaps and challenges are that must be overcome in order to achieve enterprise digital maturity, and how to tackle them.

Global Chief Digital Officer

Fortune 500 Consumer Goods Company

Acquis artfully integrated our company’s technical abilities and innovative spirit with their strategic consulting a to produce a practical analytics solution to guide decisions across functions – an industry first!

SVP & Head of US Medical Affairs

Fortune 500 Life Sciences Company

Data and Analytics

Define Analytics Vision & Document Environment

Align on the most critical business problems or goals with clear direction as to how a data driven environment can address them, conduct exploratory analysis to assess existing systems and data structure.

Address Current Gaps Versus Vision to Define Needs

Conduct deep analysis of current environment against vision to understand the gaps to address, map out plan to procure required data and supporting capabilities to close the gaps and enable vision.

Execute Against Plan to Close Gaps (Iterative)

Prioritize procurement of required data, then move to the technologies needed to build the analytics capabilities, operationalize the larger solution to enable the vision, and monitor performance over time.

Rishi Thukral


Rishi is an accomplished Digital Transformation leader with 20 years of cross-functional business and technology expertise. He leads large-scale, global, digital initiatives with a keen understanding of organizational challenges, from the perspective of both the business and end-to-end applications. He brings extensive experience in Digital Innovation strategy and process improvement, leading to increased efficiency and maximum return on investment for his clients. With certifications in Big Data & Artificial Intelligence from Rutgers and MIT, an executive MBA from Rutgers, and a Bachelors in mechanical engineering (B.Eng), Rishi successfully guides his clients in developing and executing the right Digital initiatives, tailored to their specific long-term strategic business goals.

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