Talent Acquisition with Scale Squared

Scale Squared is a talent acquisition partner with deep roots in management consulting and an unwavering commitment to attaching a people first approach to everything we do.

About the Service

Filling key leadership positions, crucial for the growth and goals of any organization, should go beyond mere skill screening. It’s critical that your human capital acquisition strategy prioritize the qualities that will propel the company forward.

Talent acquisition is a dynamic journey fueled by data, aimed at discovering, recruiting and retaining human capital. It allows organizations to track meaningful metrics related to interviews, time to fill ratios, and cost per hire.  But talent acquisition isn’t just about the numbers;  it is a deeply personal experience in which the most critical factors contributing to success are based on human connections.

If your organization simply needs to fill a role, any recruiting firm will doBut if your organization wants to ensure you find a person who will not only be qualified, but fit in to the strategy, energy, and culture of your organization, you need a firm that is entrenched in strategy, process, and building successful operating models.   

How we help

We understand business strategy and execute talent acquisition processes with a deeply human lens to identify, recruit, and retain a team to help clients achieve meaningful and sustainable growth. 

Expertise in Management Consulting

With a foundation rooted in management consulting, we bring a unique perspective to talent acquisition, aligning our strategies with overarching business goals.

Human-Centric Approach

Our 360-degree client and candidate due diligence goes beyond the ordinary, ensuring a comprehensive understanding that surpasses the outcomes of traditional recruitment processes.

Engagement-Driven Screening

Our screening methods are designed to foster engagement, which translate to increased employee engagement and tenure.

Proven Success

We proudly apply the same strategies and standards to our own talent acquisition process, and to see the results reflected in recognitions by esteemed publications like Fortune and Consulting Magazine for our award-winning culture.

Brittney Stroman

Director, Scale Squared

Brittney is focused on Acquis’ internal talent acquisition and DEI partnership initiatives and serving as the Director of Scale Squared.  Brittney is passionate about creating impactful candidate and client experiences.  She finds joy in understanding and matching the unique characteristics of people with the careers and organizations that create long-lasting and meaningful changes in their lives and helps clients to grow.

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