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Let’s take a deep dive into your lead-to-cash workflows to ensure that each customer interaction is moving the needle for both you and your customers.  We combine our deep Sales Cloud implementation experience with our management consulting roots to help modernize workflows and break down inefficiencies so you can maximize the value of your customer interactions.

Faster Time to Close

We are big fans of making the lives of your sellers easier.  Automation of daily tasks can bring measurable results to your business.  At the same time, having the right reporting in place helps your team get the insights they need to determine the best next action.  We help reduce manual effort and set up Salesforce to be a user friendly and insightful tool that ultimately helps accelerate your business growth.

Don’t Start From Scratch

We help companies across all industries boost their sales efforts with Salesforce Sales Cloud.  We approach each project with a collection of baseline user stories to share sales best practices and accelerate time to delivery.  Each project is catered to the individual needs and nuances of each company, but you don’t need to start from zero.

Areas of Expertise

Sales Pipeline Management
Report & Dashboard Insights

Sales Pipeline Management

Our goal is to help companies see a bird’s eye view of their customers through the use of Salesforce, allowing for insights that might be missed in isolation.  We help companies not only help track activities and interactions, but we also help companies speak a common language by helping to define the stages within the sales process.


We have expertise in helping companies implement Configure, Price, and Quote (CPQ) functionality.  We take a strategic approach to understand your go-to-market approach against your product catalog and pricing paradigm then implement the technology ensuring a best practice approach.

Report & Dashboard Insights

Being able to visualize your business at a moment’s notice and get real-time data is key to being able to help your organization make the right decisions.  We start from the end result at the beginning by understanding key metrics and KPIs that inform your business, so the system can be built to support them.


Your sales team is out in the field, and that shouldn’t stop them from gaining valuable insights on the go.  We can help unlock the opportunity to access up-to-date information about customers from your mobile device helping your team get valuable insights and make critical decisions from anywhere.

Explore our Embark Accelerator Packages

We’ve created a portfolio of accelerated solutions that enable Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) to implement Salesforce products at lightning speed, gain value quickly, and then continue to continuously improve and innovate.

Sales Cloud Package

Launch a new Salesforce Sales Cloud implementation with foundational functionality in just 4 weeks.

Flow Migration Package

Convert your Workflows and Process Builders to Flow in just four weeks.

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