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Envision: Salesforce Strategy

Turn your vision into an achievable roadmap

Whether your organization is just getting started with Salesforce or it is already an integral part of your technology landscape, we help companies zoom out and develop a holistic game plan.

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Strategic Framework

In order to achieve organizational goals and sustained success, it is important to have a roadmap in place. Using our strategic Envision framework, we partner with organizations to understand big picture goals, then piece together how Salesforce with other technologies and your people intersect to enable your business outcomes.

Envision the Future

We work with organizations to not only look at how things work today, but to imagine the art of the possible for how business can look like in the future. We challenge organizations to think outside of the status quo.

Prioritize Value

Taking into consideration future state goals, current state business processes, your people, and the existing technological landscape, we create a prioritized roadmap with actionable initiatives to help push organizations forward and get maximum value out of their Salesforce investments.

Management Consulting Edge

Acquis has over two decades years of strategic consulting under its belt – we are not just in the business of advising businesses, we’re in the business of building them. We’ve integrated this knowledge into our Salesforce Practice to make strategic consulting a part of your Salesforce journey.

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