Case Study

SAP Concur Refresh Success Story with BD

Stephanie Vallet-Sandre

Principals & Practice Leadership

Client Profile

Multinational Medical Technology

Acquis helped Becton Dickinson (BD) consolidate multiple SAP Concur instances into one net-new SAP Concur System that adheres to a global standard, supports complex requirements, and accommodates local statutory needs.

Business Challenge

BD was looking to consolidate multiple instances of SAP Concur Expense into a single instance following their merger with CareFusion and Bard.

Multiple ERPs were used across the organization and BD was planning to implement SAP ICS (SAP API connector) to address pain points encountered with their SAP ERP.

Our Approach

Acquis provided extensive analysis of existing BD and CareFusion SAP Concur systems, which helped BD determine that a net new instance was required to accommodate and consolidate requirements.

Acquis strategized with the client on how to handle its complex landscape (e.g., multiple ERPs with varying requirements from each company) to ensure that all critical steps were considered for a successful rollout.

Results and Value

Over the course of four years and multiple mergers, Acquis led BD through a transformation initiative, which resulted in one Global SAP Concur instance for BD that is easier to use, maintain, manage, and scale.

  • Acquis optimized the configuration for the countries that were already on the legacy SAP Concur instances and shifted them over to the new instance.
  • The new instance introduced best practices in the areas of usability, reporting, and support, which put the client in a better position to achieve several of its business objectives.
  • Acquis created change management strategy, impact analysis, stakeholder analysis, and end-user communication plans to guide project-wide change management activities that assisted BD with the seamless transition of existing users from the legacy instance to the new one.
  • With our extensive project management experience, we provided strategic guidance to map BD’s complex objectives and create an end-to-end project strategy. This helped lead the project team to successfully implement SAP Concur (inclusive of the Company Billed Statement module) in 55 countries in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America.

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