Case Study

Providing Testing Strategy and Support

Client Profile

Global professional services company upgrading travel and expense management solution

Focus Area/Service

Professional Services


A global professional services company was in the middle of an SAP Concur Expense implementation when it learned it did not have the necessary resources to plan, manage, or execute system testing. With the go live date fast approaching, the client required resources with expertise in SAP Concur Expense and the testing process, and it needed these resources to start immediately.

Approach: Think + Do

With only a few weeks until the client’s deadline to complete system testing, Acquis understood the importance of acting swiftly and formed a strong team of experienced consultants with deep expertise in SAP Concur and system testing.

Acquis worked with the client to develop and execute the following:

  • Test Strategy: approach built around the client’s scope, objectives, and priorities;
  • Test Plan: functional and integration test cycles designed around project deadlines;
  • Test Scripts: over 200 scripts built around the client’s solutions’ detailed configuration;
  • Test Evidence: web and mobile app test results documented as part of the validation


By working closely with the client and providing the client with the right resources at the right time, Acquis was able to plan, manage, and execute all testing activities. The system was handed over to the client successfully to complete validation of the test evidence provided, as well as integration testing with its HR and ERP systems.

Due to the success of the initial test support engagement, Acquis was asked to assist the client in defining and documenting its business-as-usual (BAU) support model for the new solution. Acquis worked with the client to assess support requirements, define resolver groups and skill sets required for each group, and build a support model hierarchy. We facilitated a workshop to ensure all support requirements were covered and that training plans were identified where necessary.

The two engagements allowed the client to meet its project deadlines and go live on schedule. Acquis has since continued to provide consulting support to the client for its other implementation projects.