Case Study

Launching An Online Product

Client Profile

Leading Professional Development Non-Profit


A leading not-for-profit company committed to professional development was struggling with an outdated strategy, limited product reach, and ballooning costs. After losing $2 million per year on professional development products, they knew they needed to develop a new online product to reach more customers, one that could be directly leveraged in professional practice across geographic regions. They needed to improve overall program profitability and reduce costs.

Approach: Think + Do

We collaborated with key stakeholders across product and operational units to develop a product road-map that would meet customer needs and could be successfully executed by the organization. We helped the client refine their strategy throughout implementation to effectively identify obstacles well in advance. We worked with the product manager to understand customer needs and help the organization meet them. We took the time to understand and address internal stakeholder needs and develop an overall approach to navigate the organization’s unique intricacies.


We enabled a successful product launch that exceeded customer and client expectations, outpacing sales forecasts. We helped establish long-term critical vendor partnerships, and penetrated a skeptical customer base that previously had little access to the client’s Professional Development offerings. We delivered a highly visible success story, proving that multiple business groups can work together to launch a product.