Case Study

Global SAP Concur Re-Platform

Alpi Parnami

Consulting Team

Client Profile

A Global Medical Device and Soft Contact Lens Manufacturer Company

Focus Area/Service

Medical Devices

A global medical device and soft contact lens manufacturer needed to implement SAP Concur in additional countries; however, its existing system design, with multiple policies and limited available custom fields, would not be able to scale effectively. The client reached out to Acquis and requested a health assessment of its existing SAP Concur configuration to identify areas of improvement in line with best practices.

Think + Do

Acquis evaluated the client’s travel policies, processes, and configuration in the existing SAP Concur instance. During a three-day workshop, Acquis walked the client through all aspects of its configuration and explained the technical limitations of its existing SAP Concur design and configuration. Acquis also detailed the benefits of moving to a net new instance of SAP Concur and incorporating a global model design to achieve the client’s expansion and optimization goals.

Acquis collaborated with the client to develop a strategy for the SAP Concur re-platform effort to ensure existing markets were transferred successfully and new markets were brought on efficiently.

Acquis supported the client in the following areas during the engagement:
• Performed a detailed health assessment and developed best practice recommendations
• Designed and configured a global model template in the new SAP Concur instance
• Optimized configuration for the 24 countries that were already live in the legacy SAP Concur instance and shifted them over to the new instance
• Developed the test strategy and plan, including the creation, execution, and approval of the test scripts
• Provided oversight of all cross-functional and external vendor teams, ensuring the client team could focus on their own tasks


Over the course of nine months, Acquis led the client through the transformation initiative, which resulted in a SAP Concur instance that is easier to use, maintain, manage, and scale. The new instance also introduced best practices in areas of usability, reporting, and support, which put the client in a better position to achieve several of its business objectives. Lastly, Acquis assisted with the seamless transition of existing users from the legacy instance to the new one.

Impressed by the results of the initial collaboration, Acquis continued to support the client by providing strategic guidance on how to migrate another business unit onto its new global instance. The guidance included educating teams across 14 countries on the new global model and identifying how to incorporate local country requirements into the system design without compromising the global model.

Acquis continues to be the client’s trusted SAP Concur partner, supporting its ongoing global expansion.