Case Study

Developing Digital Marketing Sourcing Strategies

Client Profile

Global Beauty Company

Focus Area/Service

Procurement & Strategic Sourcing


Rapidly shifting Marketing spend from traditional Print and TV advertising to Digital presented numerous opportunities for a nascent, centralized Procurement team to contribute, support and drive innovation and value from the supply market. Digital Marketing covers several sub-categories and is therefore relatively complex, thus requiring significant coordination across all brands.

The client had multiple  Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems which caused confusion and inefficiencies in business processes. A single-platform CRM across all brands was required and a supplier short-list was developed. The Client required further expertise to assist in identifying requirements, selection criteria and implementation planning.

Approach: Think + Do

Acquis supported sourcing events across sub-categories including Digital Analytics, Influencer Agencies, Content and Video Production, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Website, Word of Mouth Sampling and  Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) Our teams were ingrained within the Marketing teams and contributed to developing supplier strategies, identifying requirements and issuing RFPs.

After consolidating and synthesizing RFP response, we worked with the cross-brand marketing team to short-list suppliers for presentations and developed the negotiating plans for the front-runner and alternative suppliers.


The Acquis team were considered valued advisors  to the Brand, Finance, and Marketing Operations teams. The collaboration between the client and the Acquis team led to 5-12% in savings across various sub-categories within digital marketing and 20% reduction in hourly rate cards. In addition, we assisted with implementation plans, Program Management Office dashboards, and reporting. Our innovative strategy and approach to sourcing and managing “Marketing Digital Influencer Agencies” is currently being implemented.