Case Study

Acquis and Dent Wizard: The Complexity Disappearing Act

Tyson Moore

Partners & Managing Directors

Client Profile

Dent Wizard, North America’s largest provider of automotive reconditioning services

Focus Area/Service


Mobile auto repair company Dent Wizard needed a spend management solution that tightly integrated with their existing ERP while still delivering the features and functionality that come with cutting-edge procurement processing. Coupa’s Business Spend Management (BSM) technology fit the bill — and Dent Wizard selected premier consulting partner Acquis Consulting Group to help complete this complexity disappearing act.

Now You See It, Now You Don’t

For more than 30 years, Dent Wizard has been fixing vehicles on-site and on-demand. From established partnerships with car dealers, body shops, auto lenders, and rideshares to their staff of expert mobile technicians, Dent Wizard is redefining the scope and speed of smart vehicle repairs.

The Challenge: Mitigating Manual Entry

2020 was a year of substantive growth for Dent Wizard, with new hiring processes netting 1,200 new staff members. Empowered by increasing demand for anytime, anywhere auto repairs, the company is now valued at more than $500 million and continues to make market inroads.

However, according to Steve Lewis, Former Director of Strategic Sourcing for Dent Wizard, “Infrastructure did not grow with the company — we did not have a purchasing system.” He also noted that the largely decentralized nature of the company “worked for operations, but didn’t always work for the supply side.” With an existing ERP system that required substantive manual effort and data entry, the company found itself in need of a new spend management system that could integrate with legacy tools, meet current challenges, and help drive future growth.

The Solution: Coupa BSM Implementation with Acquis

Lacking an in-house purchasing system and with more than purchasing staff to manage, Dent Wizard needed a way to empower the process — without increasing complexity. According to Lewis, “Coupa provided this structure.” To ensure effective deployment and implementation of the Coupa platform, Dent Wizard turned to consulting firm and premier Coupa partner Acquis Consulting Group.

“Acquis engaged with Dent Wizard for this optimization opportunity based on our unique experience in this market segment,” said Acquis’ Senior Vice President of Procurement Systems, Tyson Moore. “Based on the introduction from Coupa and our experience, we helped Dent Wizard implement and optimize their spend management function.”

Initial consultations made it clear that Dent Wizard was looking to move away from more laborious manual entry processes while still keeping the core of their ERP intact. “Some systems were best-of-breed,” notes Moore, “but processes related to spend management for purchasing and invoicing were still very manual.
As we looked at redefining their processes, we focused on prioritizing supplier enablement and shifting them from high-touch to a touchless supplier experience.”

In practice, Acquis helped Dent Wizard create a new culture around procurement processing and spend management. “The benefits for Dent Wizard resulted from Acquis’ unique implementation approach,” says Moore. “Dent Wizard no longer had to scale personnel but could process more spend and invoices than ever before. Coupa empowered Dent Wizard to gain significant efficiencies and savings while improving their user and supplier experience.”

The Results: Quantifying Success

Acquis Consulting Group leverages a unique Coupa implementation model that offers quantifiable business value that extends well beyond deployment.

This starts by defining quantifiable success metrics. For Dent Wizard, these metrics focused on reducing requisition to purchase order cycle time, increasing the volume of touchless invoice processing, and improving invoice throughput. As noted by Moore, “Dent Wizard wanted requisition to PO cycle time to be less than two days, and at least 50% touchless invoicing after six months. The Acquis team led them through the deployment process to establish best practices that would help drive these metrics.”

The result? Dent Wizard went from having to key or upload 150,000 invoices per year to maintaining their current AP staff but allowing them to scale and focus on other initiatives. For Acquis, the ultimate goal was to provide Dent Wizard with the “muscle memory” necessary to keep this digital evolution ongoing as their use of the Coupa platform expanded.

Staying the Course

One of Acquis’ core values is “Advance Together.” According to Moore, “this helps drive satisfaction and success. Some people call it white-glove service, but it’s really our keen focus on customer success and knowledge transition. Spend follows the path of least resistance, and making the process as easy as possible for users is key.” In other words, it’s all about customer empowerment — providing impeccable service and support throughout implementation to help streamline spend management transitions.

Moore notes that what sets Acquis apart is the creation of a truly collaborative environment. “Our approach to pre-configure Coupa with customer-specific datasets and alignment with best practices, along with our understanding of their needs based on market data, is what makes our approach unique,” he said. “From there, we challenged each other on what makes more sense for the organization, guided them through the validation process, and aligned our team to become an extension of Dent Wizard’s team, helping them continuously scale and evolve their processes.”

When it comes to helping companies implement the Coupa platform, Moore puts it simply: “We’re not just solving a problem once, we’re creating an ongoing culture of continuous improvement and evolution, powered by Coupa’s robust spend management platform.”

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