Case Study

Post-Acquisition Support

Jacqueline Bell

Principals & Practice Leadership

Client Profile

A Global Consumer Goods Company

Focus Area/Service

Consumer Products


A global consumer goods company was working on integrating another global firm, including separate instances of SAP Concur. The long-term goal was to reduce the number of instances from three to two–one per major business unit (BU)–while implementing SAP Concur globally.
The company needed support to plan and execute the SAP Concur consolidation. It wanted to ensure a balance among satisfying new requirements, not affecting existing users, implementing new markets for both companies, and guaranteeing a swift and efficient integration and alignment to the new BU structure.

Approach: Think + Do

Acquis was able to support the company in various post-acquisition integration areas, including:

  • Global implementation of SAP Concur in line with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) roll outs;
  • Legal entity separation within SAP Concur to allow BUs to manage and support their T&E separately. This process would need to consider the complexities of multiple ERPs, payment processes, accrual and credit card reconciliation processes, and realigning employees;
  • Policy harmonization to ensure that both SAP Concur instances enforced the T&E policy;
  • HRIS integration to SAP Concur with complex cost object structures across multiple ERPs; and
  • Credit card program development (T&E, P-Card, CTA, and SUA) and deployment, including integrating the data feed between SAP Concur and its new card provider.

Acquis also worked with the client to develop a global template for one of its new BUs. This template helped define configuration specifics, reducing decision-making, implementation and testing timelines, and the overall complexity of ongoing system maintenance.

Acquis evaluated the client’s travel policies, processes, and configuration in the existing SAP Concur instances, and led a three-day, on-site workshop with representation from both companies. During this workshop, Acquis highlighted the configuration differences and explained the pros and cons of each instance. The client made clear decisions about the configuration based on the BU requirements, and Acquis configured the global model without affecting live markets.


Acquis worked closely with the client to plan and execute the SAP Concur consolidation and integration. As a result, the company is closer to its goal of realigning SAP Concur to the new BU structure and, in the interim, the BUs can function as separate businesses.

Acquis continues to support the client as it completes its post-merger integration activities related to SAP Concur.