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Elevating Human Experiences for Nonprofits

Our Salesforce experts accelerate digital innovation and elevate human experiences in nonprofit organizations to help our clients successfully execute their vision.

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Nonprofit Cloud &

Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP)

With deep experience in the nonprofit space, we help organizations leverage the Salesforce platform as a core business tool to help track and manage relationships, engage with constituents, raise funds more efficiently, run programs and services, and have a 360 view of their constituents. We are highly proficient with the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) and have a roster of Salesforce Certified Nonprofit consultants.

Program Management
Marketing & Engagement
Grant Management & Making
Reporting & Analytics


Create meaningful relationships to raise more funds and help your organization grow and better meet the needs of your constituents. Create a moves management machine for your major donors with the ability to track all of your organization’s relationships, interactions, emails and ultimately gifts. Track donations, manage pledges with defined schedules, handle matching gifts from companies, work with soft and hard credits, and even split donations by funds and manage allocations.

Program Management

Monitor any type of program or service, regardless of complexity. Manage your programs, follow a cohort’s journey, measure participant engagement and attendance, track services deliveries, and identify high level program trends.

Marketing & Engagement

Grow your community and strengthen relationships by engaging audiences with personalized experiences. Take your fundraising and outreach to the next level with marketing automation that integrate seamlessly with your Salesforce instance.

Grant Management & Making

Grant Making: Manage the grant-making lifecycle whether it’s private, community, corporate, or family foundations. Implement an effective solution that will help you attract and select qualified grantees while helping your organization make the best possible funding decisions. Evaluate grantee performance and outcome with ease, reduce the noise, and focus on the areas that benefit your cause the most.


Grant Application Management: Monitor grant applications down to the milestone and task level. Set reminders for staff to stay on top of your grant funding pipeline. Keep track of funders, what they have funded, the people involved, and the interactions that have taken place.

Reporting & Analytics

We start each engagement with our clients by understanding the bigger-picture objectives of their organization. With this in mind, coupled with advanced reporting and analytics capabilities, we make sure that our clients are enabled to measure outcomes.

Organizationally Aligned

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: At Acquis, we are deeply committed to fostering an environment of collaboration, growth, and equal opportunity. We embrace and celebrate the diverse backgrounds of our people and strive to build a culture of inclusion.  We are proud to be recognized in the industry for our commitment to DEI.


Acquis Foundation: We as a company and individuals have a passion for making the world a better place. The Acquis Foundation aims to contribute and make an impact on causes that the Acquis family is passionate about and aligns with our ‘People First’ philosophy.  We are committed to leveraging the strengths of our business and people to help solve problems, bolster our communities, and advance together.

Case Study: Stanley Issacs Neighborhood Center

Learn how Acquis partnered with the Issacs Center to re-envision their use of Salesforce, while streamlining the Participant on-boarding process from weeks to hours.

We Partner With All Types of Organizations

From neighborhood community centers focused on workplace advancement, to regional intermediaries focused on breaking down barriers for young adults and their communities, to Fortune 50 enterprise level internal and external initiatives – we partner with, and have experience working with organizations of all shapes and sizes.

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Andrew Otton

Salesforce Nonprofit Specialist

  • 10 years of Salesforce consulting
  • Nonprofit Cloud Certified
  • Education Cloud Certified
  • Global nonprofit implementation experience