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Industry Focus: Health & Life Sciences

Elevating Human Experiences for Health and Life Science Organizations

Our Salesforce experts accelerate digital innovation and elevate human experiences in health care and life sciences organizations to help our clients successfully execute their vision

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Health Cloud Accredited

Acquis has a deep understanding of Salesforce’s Health Cloud, and we are recognized as an Health Cloud Accredited organization.  With experience helping healthcare providers, medical device companies and pharma and life sciences organizations, we help organizations accelerate sales, provide exceptional service, drive personalized marketing and drive patient engagement.

Embedded in our DNA

Through over two decades of management consulting with top organizations across the globe, Acquis helps biopharmaceutical, medical device, and digital health companies stand up, build, and operationalize their functions from early development throughout the product lifecycle.  The Health and Life Sciences domain is core to who we are as an organization.  Learn more about our Life Sciences Advisory Practice.


Our sister company, SSI Strategy, works closely together with early-stage biotech organizations  to understand their business and medical challenges in order to help transform them into a high impact medical organization.  Our teams consist of seasoned consultants, former Chief Medical Officers, and other Subject Matter or Therapeutic Area Experts.

Personalized, Patient-Centric Experiences

Health Cloud allows organizations to create a 360 view of the patient, which enables providers to document care decisions and ensure that that information is passed onto both the patient as well as other people responsible for the patient’s care.  Data from ERPs, EHRs and financial systems can be integrated into a single place to better understand the complete picture surrounding a patient, ultimately improving inter-department collaboration and improving health outcomes.  And with the right controls in place, Health Cloud is a HIPAA compliant solution.

Think + Do

The Acquis team has extensive experience supporting the Strategy, Transformation & Operational needs of provider, medical device, pharmaceutical, and digital health companies.    We accomplish this with a dual focus (Think + Do):


Strategy and Process: Our team brings the HLS expertise to help guide, strategize, and prioritize your initiatives and planning. This ensures that your organization is getting business value from their investment in the platform.


Implementation: The Salesforce Team evaluates prioritized requirements and will refine, implement, and execute on key initiatives on the platform in an effective and cost-efficient manner.

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Brian Schwartz

Salesforce Practice HLS Lead

  • 15 years of Salesforce consulting
  • Health Cloud Accredited
  • Enterprise healthcare provider implementation experience