Case Study

Managing Complex Global SAP Concur Platforms

Client Profile

A global technology company with a complex technical landscape

Focus Area/Service



A global technology company implemented SAP Concur Expense for one of its companies in 2011, and since then has been continuously adding new companies and additional modules and functionality onto its SAP Concur platform.

When new companies ask to join the SAP Concur Expense global instance, or when existing companies request new modules or functionality, the organisation must carefully plan and execute such changes, ensuring a balance among satisfying the new requirements, not affecting existing users, and ensuring the company can continue to add to its complex landscape.

Approach: Think + Do

Acquis’s initial engagement with the client focused on integrating a new company with users across 13 EMEA and APAC countries, onto its global SAP Concur platform. Following the success of that effort, the client asked Acquis to help add new companies and additional SAP Concur functionality.

Acquis formed a close relationship with the client, ensuring all requests from new companies were scoped, managed, and implemented in accordance with its global standards. Acquis:

  • Developed the approach for each new request with the client and aligned the requests to the client’s global direction.
  • Ensured that each request was scoped appropriately and effects on their existing platform configuration were identified and analysed properly.
  • Strategised with the client on how to handle its complex landscape (e.g., multiple ERPs with varying requirements from each company) to ensure that all critical steps were considered for a successful rollout (e.g., regression testing the existing configuration).
  • Provided strategic advice and best practices where possible, using our deep experience in SAP Concur and Travel & Expense.

For each approved deployment request, Acquis provided end-to-end implementation support, ranging from gathering detailed requirements to configuring changes to the SAP Concur platform to helping the client deploy the changes to its users. Acquis worked continuously with the client, planning and assessing future requirements within SAP Concur and its SAP ERP systems.


Combining technical and functional knowledge with broad skills across P2P, T&E, and SAP Concur, Acquis has helped the client grow and mature its global SAP Concur platform, and get the most of out of its investment.

Over the years, Acquis’ partnership with the client has enabled the organisation to take full advantage of the different SAP Concur modules and functionalities, continue to roll out the system to new companies, and incorporate existing companies already using SAP Concur into its global platform. By incorporating companies into a single platform, the client has been able to harmonize processes and ensure all group companies can benefit from globally implemented SAP Concur solutions.