Case Study

Effecting Change Through a Structured Approach

Client Profile

Leading Education Services Firm


After centralizing their marketing spend, a leading education services firm needed to redefine value in the eyes of their internal product groups. They needed to articulate an organization-wide vision and establish a model for delivering value from the marketing division to the product areas.

Approach: Think + Do

We began by conducting over forty hours of interviews to baseline roles and responsibilities. Armed with that intelligence, we established guiding principles that would inform the division’s vision and value proposition. With a message in place for how value was being created, we established a road show model to effectively communicate the division’s new vision, which balanced a need for internal division change with external client-facing change. We identified high-impact projects and partnered with leadership to drive them forward, demonstrating immediate value to the division’s internal clients. We cataloged outstanding change issues and offered a comprehensive guide for completing the change. We helped the leadership team create partnerships with their internal clients centralized around a shared vision.


We successfully organized three marketing groups around a shared process with defined roles and responsibilities. We established a shared vision for the marketing organization and incorporated it into an effective face-to-face communication strategy. We identified multiple process improvement opportunities and clarified previously opaque operations.