Adriana Valenciano

“We must use time wisely and forever realize that the time is always ripe to do right.”
Nelson Mandela
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Adriana is convinced that growing up in New Jersey was great training for life as a consultant. Whether navigating the superhighways of the Garden State or at a new client site, you have to be flexible, a strong communicator, and comfortable with any challenge that comes your way.
Adriana approaches each client engagement with a sense of curiosity, eager to discover the unique aspects of the situation and apply her experience to develop and implement tailored solutions.

During her tenure supporting clients in the federal government (DOJ and Homeland Security), Adriana navigated both project challenges and industry-specific resource and budget constraints. These experiences honed her ability to help clients perform mission critical activities in the most efficient and effective manner. Adriana has supported a variety of enterprise-wide IT infrastructure engagements in the areas of strategy and implementation where her responsibilities included gathering end-user requirements based on unique business processes and liaising with the technology side to ensure proper translation.

Adriana truly enjoys the client-focused nature of consulting and prides herself on establishing partnerships with her clients, enabling them to advance together and become champions of change within the organization. Prior to joining Acquis, Adriana worked at Booz Allen Hamilton. She holds a Master of Public Administration and a Bachelor of Arts with a concentration in International Relations and Affairs from the George Washington University.
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Centralizing marketing activities required a multi-faceted change strategy

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