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Madhav Gurijala

“Be like water…water can flow or it can be a force. Be water, my friend.”
Bruce Lee
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Madhav is a thoughtful leader, colleague, and consultant. His constant thirst for knowledge led him into consulting. He’s been humbled by the essential human activity we call business––from helping fortune 500 companies, to start-ups.
Though New York City is his lab, he thinks of himself as a family man leading a simple life in the ‘burbs. Then again after re-reading that statement, he would like to remind everyone that he is also very cool and hip.

Madhav leads Acquis’s Shared Services offering. He has extensive experience in strategy, design, and implementation in his over 13 years as a consultant. He’s worked on projects of all sizes, ranging from IT, to financial operations, to new product strategy. His work has spanned all aspects of the project lifecycle, from planning to testing and deployment. Whether it’s with large established corporations, or cutting edge start-ups, he strives to add near and long-term value in every engagement.

Madhav recently managed a funding campaign to enable a small media company’s product re-launch. The project required intense day-to-day management of multiple workstreams from collateral buildout, messaging, channel partner outreach, and system development to support the campaign. He continues to support the financial modeling, trajectory management, and due diligence activities around the company’s next series of financing needs.

Prior projects have included the program management and implementation of a new shared services center for a recently expanded mid-sized pharmaceutical company, and many IT implementations and strategy projects from enhancements to new products, to team and process optimization.

Madhav graduated from Columbia University with a BA in Math/Economics and an MS in Operations Research. Between degrees he taught middle and high school math and science, which he finds has proven valuable in breaking down problems and solutions, and communicating them effectively to varied sets of stakeholders.

Madhav happily resides in a small town in Jersey––yes New Jersey––after 20 years in New York City, which he still loves despite occasionally cursing its madness in the same breath as singing its praises.
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