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“Courage is not an absence of fear.”
Casey Gerald
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Wes is a competitor in all aspects of his life. Drawing on his background in athletics, he has learned that success is bred in passion and dedication. A strategist by nature, Wes translates his passion for innovation into creative and tailored solutions for any challenge.
Wes is an Associate at Acquis who applies the Think + Do mentality to every engagement. Strategy and implementation are joint forces for success, and he knows how to use both.

Prior to joining Acquis, Wes was an Associate at KPMG specializing in the financial management sector. Working on a team to develop proprietary regulatory compliance automation software, Wes gained experience in product development, policy subject matter, and software QA.

Wes earned a B.A. in economics from Yale University and was a four-year starter for the Yale football team on the offensive line. He has cultivated his background in athletics into effective team leadership and communication skills in the workplace.
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