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Digital Transformation & Customer Strategy

The modern customer expects a convenient, intuitive, and targeted experience, which is highly customized to their individual preferences, both in the analog and digital worlds. Are you up to the challenge?Acquis’s Digital Transformation & Customer Strategy practice helps clients ranging from early-stage startups to Fortune 500 companies in rethinking their approach to servicing customers and end-consumers, and in transforming their companies into customer-centric, digitally mature organizations that meet their customers’ needs. We also help ensure that business products and services are designed with both the digital and analog channel customers in mind.

Our team of experienced Digital & Customer Strategy professionals work with clients globally in deploying leading digital strategies, cutting-edge technologies, and innovative digital solutions, with a concentrated and singular focus on the customer.

The analysis of our legacy digital & e-commerce organization performed by Acquis, has helped me understand exactly what the gaps and challenges are that must be overcome in order to achieve enterprise digital maturity, and how to tackle them

Chief Digital Officer, Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturer and Distributor

We help clients answer fundamental questions such as:

  • What does the end-to-end customer experience look like for our target customer archetypes, and how can we improve it?
  • How are we positioned against traditional competitors to win on the ‘digital shelf’? What are the most innovative companies and non-traditional competitors doing differently?
  • With access to more data than ever before, how are we using it, and do we have the right tools and skills to produce meaningful, actionable insights?
  • How do we pivot from a company whose goal is to sell products or provide services, to a company that satisfies targeted customer needs? What complementary products and services can we offer that will help achieve this goal?
  • Where are our blind spots and opportunities when it comes to emerging and disruptive technologies? How can we best utilize these solutions in our organization to enhance our customers’ experience?
  • How can we use Internet of Things (IoT), virtual reality, artificial intelligence, block chain, and other emerging technologies to increase the efficiency and / or effectiveness of internal operations?