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Impact Story

Implementing an automated T&E system improves process on a global scale

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One of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world
Life Sciences
Travel and entertainment expenditures for one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world exceeded $700 million globally. Because of its size and T&E transaction volume, there was need for an easily configured managerial reporting solution, one that would better control costs and more effectively manage employee spend.
Approach: Think + Do
To define the manager reporting strategy, we gathered and prioritized requirements from managers and various operational groups. We then leveraged data from existing T&E system functionality and designed a multipurpose dashboard and stand-alone reports on key metrics. Once the strategy and design was complete, we built the reporting dashboard and stand-alone reports, coordinated testing efforts, created the change management materials, and managed the phased deployment. We also managed the change with the affected business units and end users through meetings and communications.
We successfully provided cost neutral managerial reporting to sixty countries with 100,000 employees. The project received significant positive feedback from the user community, and the overall success of the project led to an additional request for Acquis to enhance the existing back office and finance reports.
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