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One of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies with over 100,000 employees operating in 90 countries worldwide
Life Sciences
Global meeting spend was exceeding $600 million annually at one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. With over 100,000 employees operating in 90 countries worldwide, a lack of standardized systems was preventing accurate meetings spend analysis––critical to reducing spend, controlling costs, and strategizing on vendor sourcing. The client’s internal Center of Excellence group needed to make the case for deploying a centralized meeting planning technology solution.
Approach: Think + Do
We began by partnering with both the client team and the software vendor to get a comprehensive understanding of relevant existing processes, integrated systems, and business needs, as well as future plans, known requirements, and the client’s end goals. We then assimilated this information, providing a detailed and accurate assessment of the current state of global meetings management. This included an in-depth review of the challenges and risks associated with existing global meetings management processes and programs. We defined the overall opportunity around streamlining meetings management, including both soft and hard dollar savings. We designed and implemented an approach and rollout schedule that would meet an aggressive timeline. We built a change management strategy to increase adoption. We created an in-depth financial analysis and value assessment, providing the client stakeholders with the tools to present the case to the global executive leadership team.
Our business case clearly illustrated the value of a global meetings management software deployment. It offered detailed comparison of the client’s current meeting planning landscape against a future state with a standard technology platform. We provided comprehensive financial analysis predicting direct cost savings of $17 million in the first three years of system deployment, and a project payback period of less than one year. The Executive Leadership Team approved the case.
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