Post Merger Integration

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Maximizing the value of an acquisition by focusing on the softer side of PMI

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There is an opportunity to extract additional value from the deal by incorporating a change management plan to address the people related elements.

Integration following a merger or acquisition is key to improving shareholder value and achieving short and long term merger goals.
Acquis brings the tools and methodologies to make them happen rapidly and efficiently by drawing on our expertise from multiple different industries. Acquis leverages teams of subject matter experts in specific post-merger and divestiture environments to provide delivery solutions that minimize risk, provide rapid payback, and capture maximum returns from internal and supplier synergies.

We help companies prepare for and manage integrations and divestitures:

Day One Readiness

  • Develop synergy hypotheses and design an integration model to achieve synergies.

  • Translate Synergy Target model into prioritization of the critical activities to prepare for Day One.

Program Management (PMO) and Change Management

  • Coordinate execution of the integration projects, managing overall program risk while maintaining a sharp focus on achieving outcomes.

  • Develop and implement necessary change management and communications to support the integration and drive the necessary cultural changes.

Organizational Design and Development

  • Design of the to-be organization, governance plan, and checks and balances.

  • Definition of roles and responsibilities.

Supply Chain and Support

  • Right-size internal functions and systems.

  • Manage supplier risk.

  • Leverage supplier spend to negotiate favorable SLAs and pricing.

  • Integrate travel and expense management.

Divestiture Planning and Execution

  • Perform pre-deal due diligence.

  • Establish valuation range.

  • Prepare marketing materials.

  • Support transaction negotiations.

  • Drive supplier/contract renegotiations.

  • Focus on employee retention and clear communications.

Service Offering Alignment to Common Merger Goals
While every merger is different and has unique goals, Acquis’s service offerings can be deployed intelligently for your specific merger goals.

Acquis has strong industry expertise in Corporate Travel, Procurement and Strategic Sourcing, Medical Affairs and Drug Safety that we bring to PMI events:

Corporate Travel
Design and implementation of the corporate travel organization, enabling technology, processes, and procedures. Learn more.

Procurement and Strategic Sourcing
Right-size internal functions and systems, while managing supplier risk and rapidly leveraging supplier spend to negotiate favorable SLAs and pricing. Learn more.

Medical Affairs
Transform organizational structure and process to align with strategic objectives and drive effectiveness and coordination globally and within the markets.

Drug Safety
Business continuity assurance in critical safety and compliance systems while planning and implementing an efficient approach for data process and system integration.
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Providing divestiture support for spinoffs at a leading pharmaceutical company

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Comprehensive PMI planning, with a particular focus on change management to address the “softer” human aspect, can significantly mitigate the risk of M&A failure.

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