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Zach Zacharia

“In God we trust; all others must bring data.”
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Zach is a doer by day and a dreamer by night. He believes that great ideas, by themselves, do NOT have the power to change the world.
Take a peek behind the scenes and you are certain to find a well thought out plan, a focused team, and plenty of hard work to go around.

For the past 5 years, Zach has worked to turn great ideas into real world change.

Zach is a generalist with a wide range of experience. Present him with a problem and he loves to roll up his sleeves and dive deep into the details. Over the past three years, he has brought analytical insight and a fresh perspective to a number of Acquis projects, ranging from financial modeling to systems implementations.

Zach, a true engineer at heart, is passionate about using data and analytics to guide processes and decision making. On one occasion, he helped an Acquis consumer products partner develop insights from financial data and then take concrete actions to drive organizational behavior.

Trained in the Six Sigma and Lean methodologies, Zach was once called on to analyze workflow patterns and cycle times to improve the day-to-day operations for a health care partner. He worked to formally map out the partner processes and then analyze it for bottlenecks. While most view the goal of process design as isolating and removing the ‘human element’, Zach spent his time aligning the process to support individual needs as they work towards the organizational goal.

Prior to joining the Acquis Consulting Group in 2010, Zach was a consultant with Capgemini (formerly Cap Gemini - Ernst & Young (CGE&Y)). As a member of the Telecommunications, Media and Entertainment group, he worked with large enterprise clients on process re-engineering, business intelligence, and systems implementations.

Zach holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and certificates in Finance and Entrepreneurship from the Georgia Institute of Technology.
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