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Replacing GERS Expense Management

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Acquis is a Certified Implementation Partner of Concur

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A global footwear retailer
A global footwear retailer needed to replace GERS Expense Management in the U.S. and Canada. The company chose a new expense management system, Concur, in order to exceed customer functionality expectations and provide greater efficiencies and controls over the client’s current processes.
Approach: Think + Do
Acquis collaborated with cross-functional teams to design a solution that satisfied both countries’ T&E, procurement expense, and spending policies. We went beyond just implementation and worked with Concur to resolve issues that surfaced after the new system went live and to provide effective support to the client’s end users. Acquis also assisted with add-on functionality including Concur’s Corporate Billing Statement (CBS), and integration with the client’s prepaid airfare accounts.
Our comprehensive and well-thought-out deployment ensured that we put key communications and training information in the hands of end-users, power users, and system administrators. Ultimately, we created a positive perception of new purchasing policies and procedures through careful planning, tailored messaging, and tactics customized to the employees.
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