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Developing a Project Portfolio Strategy

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A leading pharmaceutical company committed to scientific innovation
Life Sciences
After becoming an autonomous entity, a unit within a multi-billion dollar Life Science company sought a way to define and quantify its value to customers and the company, and strategically navigate an evolving legal environment. They needed to ensure they were focused on the right activities to maintain value as a business partner.
Approach: Think + Do
We partnered with the client to define a new portfolio management strategy and create a tool to operationalize the approach. Collaborating with key stakeholders across the organization, we developed and led a multi-phase product rollout that met customer needs and included features to allow users to make informed tradeoff decisions at the Product, Portfolio, and Company levels. By taking the care to fully understand and address organizational interdependencies, we were able to greatly manage rollout risks.
We established the organization as a value driver for its customers and business colleagues by quantifying its value. We created a new “currency” for the value of activities, proving that benefits can be measured in metrics other than dollars. We enabled a successful rollout amidst organizational change, and helped solidify the organization as the innovator in its field. We launched a new portfolio management product, empowering the organization to make more informed and measurable decisions.
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